Empowering, Mentoring and Transforming people's lives.


If an elder needs to know what is next in terms of aging well, Doris can design a roadmap to make that possible. As a geriatric consultant, she works with aging individuals and their families to understand their options and resources.


Growing older is not an option, but staying engaged is. As a feminist and geriatric psychologist, Doris empowers seniors, elders and women to lead purposeful and meaningful lives.


Doris Bersing speaks passionately about the intersection of feminism and ageism, as well as long term care options, to graduate students, providers, and caregivers. Her presentations are knowledgeable, charismatic and powerful.

“I am passionate about empowering people, including elders, to find the choices that will allow them to age the best way they can.” — Doris Bersing

Unleashing the Real Deal: The Bold Odyssey of Proudly Proclaiming Gayness in the Golden Years

The Courageous Journey of Coming Out as Gay in Old Age” celebrates the stories of older individuals who have come out as gay and embraced their authentic selves. These individuals have navigated a lifetime of challenges and have emerged as beacons of courage and resilience.
Their stories teach us the importance of inclusivity and acceptance in our society, no matter one’s age or sexual orientation. They remind us that it is never too late to live a life true to who you are, and that the transformative power of embracing authenticity knows no bounds.
By sharing these stories and celebrating the triumphs of older individuals who have come out, we can create a more accepting and inclusive society for all. Let us embrace authenticity, celebrate diversity, and support one another on our collective journey towards a more compassionate world.

Empowering Women: Unlocking the Past, Embracing the Future in Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is a crucial opportunity to celebrate and recognize the contributions of women in society. As we honor women’s empowerment and navigate the aging process, it is important to reflect on the role of older women. By embracing our inner crone and redefining ourselves in this phase of life, women can become teachers, role models, and sources of inspiration for future generations. Together, women can challenge societal norms and create a more inclusive and empowering future where every woman is valued and respected regardless of age..

It’s Leap Year! Take a Leap and Dare to Age Well.

Discover the true meaning of aging well and why embracing power and purpose is more important than conforming to societal expectations. Find inspiration and guidance on how to dare to age well with grace and fulfillment.

Lust Into Old Age: Aging and Sex

Embracing Sex and Aging: A Journey of Fulfillment and Joy
The changing dynamics of sex and aging are often viewed negatively, but it’s time to embrace them with a positive mindset. Seniors maintain a healthy sex drive, and while physical changes occur with age, mental and emotional connections play a crucial role in maintaining intimacy. Despite challenges like health issues and stereotypes, resources and healthcare professionals are available to provide support. Embracing this journey can lead to a vibrant and fulfilling sex life, filled with laughter and joy, proving that age is just a number.

Older Women: The Double Standards of Aging

The concept of aging women and their struggles is a topic that personally resonates with me. Seeing the challenges that many older women face in expressing themselves, embracing their age, and living fulfilling lives, including pursuing their careers, hobbies, relationships, and sexuality, makes me reflect on the duality of aging. Just like the Yin and Yang of the universe, where opposing forces coexist, aging has both positive and negative aspects. While society often disregards the positive side, there is value in viewing age as a beautiful part of evolution.

Feeling Old, Feeling Done, Feeling Down: Women in Search of Meaning into Old Age.

Empowering Women in Their Later Years: Embracing Purpose and Fulfillment

Are you ready to celebrate the resilience and strength of women in their later years? Join us in shedding light on the journey of aging with purpose and fulfillment. From embracing personal growth to cultivating social connections, there are numerous paths women can take to infuse their lives with meaning. Let’s support and celebrate the wisdom and strength of women as they redefine what it means to grow older

The Value of Older Women in Society: Embracing Wisdom and Redefining Roles.

With ageism and feminism being rampant in society, it is crucial to address the future of older women. Empowering older women and breaking barriers is essential in changing stereotypes surrounding aging. Instead of marginalizing them, society should recognize the wisdom and experience that older women bring to the table. By providing opportunities for older women to contribute their knowledge and skills, we can benefit from their unique perspectives and insights. It is time to challenge societal norms and create a more inclusive environment that values the contributions of all individuals, regardless of age or gender. By empowering older women, we can collectively work towards a more equitable and progressive society for all.

How to Thrive as Empty Nesters: Embracing a New Chapter of Life

Entering the empty nest phase may initially seem daunting, but it also presents a unique opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. By embracing new interests, considering online learning for career advancement, prioritizing your social life, helping others, spending quality time with loved ones, transforming your living space, and practicing mindfulness, you can thrive as empty nesters. Embrace the possibilities, reinvent yourself, and create a fulfilling life beyond parenthood. This is your time to flourish and make the most of this exciting new chapter.

LGBTQ+ community and Pope Francis’ Blessings

Pope Francis grants priests permission to bless same sex unions. Nonetheless it is clear does not bring same sex couples to the status of equal marriage. It may prove difficult to please the vast population of 3 billion individuals in unison is a tough feat, but this serves as a positive starting point to terminate the catholic church’s discrimination and homophobia and become a part of a new reality. Whether one is in favor or not.

Deepak Chopra Shares How Psychedelics May Help Treat Depression, PTSD, and More

Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra, an Indian-American author and advocate of alternative medicine, is a prominent figure in the New Age movement. His books and videos have made him one of the best-known and wealthiest figures in the field of alternative medicine. In an interview in early December 2023, he claimed that psychedelics could help people experiencing mental health illnesses.  In the article titled “Deepak Chopra Shares How […]

Evolving laws create new psychedelic opportunities for seniors

The legal landscape is shifting, creating new avenues for seniors to explore psychedelics as a remedy for various disorders and for overall wellness.
The potential for psychedelic compounds to benefit 
older adults is considerable.
It may be time to reconsider our views on psychedelics.

CIIS Spearheading Research and Clinical Training in Psychedelic Treatments

Psychedelic drug MDMA moves closer to US approval following success in PTSD trial. Psychedelic therapies intentionally combine a caring/healing environment, have shown promise in therapeutic settings, offering hope for those struggling with mental health conditions.

Magic Mushrooms: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psilocybin

Explore the transformative and therapeutic potential of magic mushrooms as they unlock the doors of perception. Discover the ethical and legal implications, along with personal experiences of hallucinations, emotional release, and self-discovery. A profound and enlightening journey awaits those who seek the true essence of the self.