Meet Doris Bersing, PhD
Geriatric Consultant, Clinical Psychologist and Motivational Speaker

“One is not born but rather becomes a woman ... it is civilization as a whole that produces this creature...” — Simone de Beauvoir

Doris Bersing is a geriatric consultant, clinical psychologist, and acknowledged expert in the challenges associated with aging. She is often asked to speak about the intersection of feminism and ageism, as well as long-term care options for seniors who desire to live in their own homes. Doris understands in detail the complex intricacies of elder care, the needs of individuals, and the impact of aging on families.

A mentor in spirit and action, Doris has devoted her life to bettering the lives of her clients, associates and students. She is often described as: knowledgeable, generous outspoken, compassionate and an agent of change.

Thirty years of dedication to others

As a clinical psychologist, Doris has dedicated 30 years to teaching and providing clinical care for women, geriatric populations, and the terminally or mentally ill. As a geriatric consultant, she co-founded Living Well Assisted Living at Home, creating a new paradigm for seniors desiring to age in their own homes.

Prior to Living Well, Doris was Chief Executive Officer for The Pacific Institute, a non-profit corporation founded to promote individual and community wellness for seniors and mentally ill adults. As CEO, she led the design of their cutting-edge training program in Gero-psychology, which received regional accreditation. She also created a set of wellness programs for elders that won an award from the American Society on Aging.

Academic background

Doris has been a faculty member at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Wright Institute, Berkeley and Saybrook University. At Saybrook, she was the Director of Clinical Training and designed their doctoral specialization in Gero-psychology.

After receiving her doctorate from L'Universite de Toulouse, in France, Doris served as Director of Programs and Care at L'hopital de Jour-Lefevbre. She speaks three languages fluently: English, Spanish and French. Because of her multilingual, multicultural background and international experience, Doris is able to work with and influence a wide range of individuals.

Doris currently serves as an expert witness for the U.S. Supreme Court in cases of political asylum and elder abuse. She is writing a book about feminism and ageism in the XXI century titled: Still a Chance: from Crone to Mentor.