I Am Passionate About Empowering Elders And Women

“My life is my message” — Mahatma Gandhi

I believe that every one of us can continue to lead purposeful and meaningful lives, long into our later years. My passion is empowering aging individuals to find the choices and options that make their lives healthier, happier and better.

It is clear that aging in America needs to take a new direction. Too often, elders are not respected, nor appreciated. Instead, they are moved to the sidelines, where their years of wisdom and experience are no longer valued. Not only is this situation difficult for the aging individual, it is also harmful to our society. Unlike other societies, where elders teach and influence new generations, that is often not the case in America.

I believe it is time for aging individuals, both women and men, especially those in the boomer generation, to tap into their wisdom. We need them to guide humanity on a journey of healing and transformation. We need this for ourselves, and for the planet. It is time for us to nourish our souls, mentor our daughters, sisters, sons, and brothers and, at last, to regard our aging selves in a celebratory light!

How I serve others

After many years of clinical experience, I have learned that “one size does not fit all” individuals and situations. Whether I am consulting with an elder who wants to age in their home their own way, or a woman who needs to tap into her personal power, I customize my approach to every client’s needs.

As I look back at my life, I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind. I am grateful to those teachers.