Testimonials for Doris Bersing, PhD

“We all have the potential to grow our talents and skills to become who we truly are. I learned a lot about myself through Dr. Doris Bersing's teachings and by the embodiment of what she conveys with absolute wisdom. I learned all the reasons and means that helped me to believe in me and my potential in times of struggle and facing big professional challenges. By following her model of the feminine psychology based on self-empowerment, it set in me a core foundation in my everyday life to connect with my feminine qualities as a natural leader. Doris is simply a magnificent human being and very dedicated thrilling professional in the field of mental health, for anyone who wants to experience ultimate optimal health in all the levels.”
— Roser Camats, Marriage & Family Therapist, CMT, LMFT
“Dr. Bersing is strong, driven, savvy, and ethical. She engages the world as an egalitarian with gravitas and grit. This is demonstrated in her combined fearless, empathetic manner that results in her easily gaining the trust and respect of others, from all walks of life.
Dr. Bersing can engage and speak to a wide-range of audiences with ease. She knows how to tell the right story at the right time, in a succinct and impactful manner. She is confident, grounded, engaging, insightful, has a good use of humor, and is attuned to the needs of her audience.
When I think of Doris, I also think of Gloria Steinem, Elizabeth Warren, and Fritz Perls.”
— Dr. Taylere Joseph, PhD
“Doris is open and receptive. Her warmth is evident in her interactions, both in personal one-on-one situations, as well as in a professional setting, and when presenting. She is compassionate and innovative, and the combination helps her develop and enhance programs, services, and interactions for the senior population, and those with dementia, in exceedingly helpful ways. She is an excellent presenter and educator, with insightful and valuable information.”
— Melissa McGee, MS, Program Manager for Dignity Fund at City of San Francisco Department of Aging and Adult Services
“Doris has an enormous heart, unstoppable energy, a lot to say about everything, is very smart, and completely focused on her mission to make the life of elders better. She is widely loved by a large professional community and has earned great respect for the years she has worked in gerontology. She is also a prolific public speaker. Her work with elders, through Living Well, is creating an entirely new paradigm of growing old, and is attracting national attention. The old paradigms are not a good fit for the vast majority of elders who want to age in their own home, rather than in an institution, with rules, and without the surroundings that they have grown up with. Her organization is breaking entirely new ground with the care of quite sick patients, by allowing them to stay in their homes.”
— Nigel Ten Fleming, PhD, Serial Entrepreneur, Chairperson at Tech-Observer
“Doris is an inspiring woman and a compassionate leader that maintains a constant vision for others to aspire to. She understands the principle that in order to lead well, one must also follow. She has devoted countless hours and skills to help manifest a vision that she also believes in, and by her example, inspires others to do the same.”
— Rebekah Ekberg, Marriage and Family Therapist/Expressive Arts Therapy
“Doris allowed me to grow and flourish as a woman and professional by taking the time to meet with me weekly and discuss progress and set new goals for what I could achieve and become. I so admired her that I never dared to fail what she saw in me because so few others had ever taken the time to see the good in me. I give Doris a great deal of credit and adoration for all that she did for the clients and for all of us that worked with her, I am just one of many that she touched both personally and professionally.”
— Therapy Patient
“Doris is an exceptional leader with great vision and practicality. She is an unwavering supporter of her Saybrook students, her interns, her passion for elder care, and for her humanistic values.
Doris has always exceeded my expectations in helping me, whether academically, personally, or career-wise. She has been a genuine, empathic, and incredibly congruent mentor and sage.
I admire her zest for life, her joyful spirit, and the warmth and professionalism that she brings with her to Pacific Institute and to Saybrook Graduate School.
Anyone interested in learning more about humanistic approaches or eldercare could find no better resource person to connect with than Doris.”
— Jennifer Stevens, Adjunct Psychology Instructor, Sauk Valley Community College
“Doris saw the potential within Pacific Institute...and grew it into what it is now. She is a mastermind at understanding the complexities of managing mental health programs, and she is a woman who knows how to think on her feet.
[She] gives her all to whatever she does. I'm truly amazed with the passion that fills her heart and the wisdom that drives her mind. If there ever was a person who could combine the agency of a superhero and the compassionate presence of a saint, I would choose Doris as being the closest candidate for the position.”
— Guy Albert, Psychologist in Private Practice